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Sporting Events

Whether it’s horse or boat racing, cricket, polo, sailing or all manner of running events – we’re adept at managing the fluctuations in business that are all par for the course at any sporting event. We’re proud to service a large number of the UK’s most prestigious competitions, whether in the retail food and drinks offers or the hospitality and competitor areas. With a host of concepts to meet the needs of the different spectators - from our Artisan Bakery, to Champagne and Seafood Bars, to large scale popular food tents – serving Hereford Steak Burgers, Crackling Good Hog Roast, and Famously British Fish and Chips for example. We also provide traditional hampers available for pre-order. Add to this our bars, Pimm's pop-ups and Real Ale tents – all pleasing to the eye and designed with speed of service as a priority.


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